My Angel

Feb 24
just look at him....I'm so bless to have him!

Water Fun

Feb 23 my 2 favourite guys in the world, having some water fun at water park
look at their faces......

Me to You

Feb 17
my cuz's got engaged today, and that's the engagement ring

The Hula Boy

Feb 16

Adam found these hulas at the store room
and he just love it :)
he ended up going around putting hula on everyone at home

I Love You

Feb 14

Chris seldom shows his love to me often
but I know he loves me to bits :)
one thing for sure, he never fails to give me roses on Valentine Day!
love him more for that!!!

ET Come Home

Feb 13

Chris & Adam, ala ET :)
love this shot, will scrap with this real soon

My source of inspiration

Feb 12

finally managed to get my hands to this book
had been waiting for weeks for it to arrive at local bookstore
no regrets.......feeling really inspired now!

My Curent Craze

Feb 11

Can never get enough of this!

Fun @ the Slide

Feb 9

guess its every lil kids favourite!

A TAG! Charity Drive

Feb 7

tags for Scrappin Kids Care charity drive

Mr Powdery Face

Feb 6
at 22 months, Adam love to put powder on his face
when he did that, it is really powder overload

That Smile

Jan 31

I can never have enough of that smile
it is just too captivating!!

I Love it

Jan 29

when my freezer is full
DH got back from fishing, and it filled up my freezer

My Little 'Jamie Oliver'

Jan 28

Adam love to play with my cooking utensils
Maybe he will be cook when he grow up :)
Another Jamie Oliver...mmmmm....

Ronald & I

Jan 26
Adam can't just get his eyes of Ronald
Took this photo after sending my helper back to her country

My 1st

Jan 20

time doin a mini album for a scrapbook shop
thanks Sharon for the opportunity :)

My Adam

Jan 19

turns 22nd month today
he really had changed so much
and he looks more like me lately....get that all the time :)

No Regrets

Jan 17

my last layout as DT at Chit Chat Challenge
Although did this layout in a rush, but I kinda of like it :)

The Blogger World

Jan 16

A lot of things are happening in the blogger world lately
It really impressed me how a blog can affect an individual

These are Mine

Jan 15

went for a medi & pedi during lunch today
told myself that this year, I am gonna pamper myself...MAXIMUM!!